Sunbury from the Train

The train is delayed
by careless pastry crumbs
scattered all over the
blue velour
We move, chunder
through ugliest suburbia
nightmare of mundanity……
and worse..
subjected to incessant
cromagnon  chant…
subjecting all passengers
to their exact location,
(the food in their mouths interfering with smooth
annunciation of vowels)
 and intent of next weekend purchase

Flat and grey
stumped eucalypts
scatter themselves in clumps
over the laval plains
of Sunbury

Horsey types in messy outreaches,
divine cypress borders
form symmetrical halos
around kennels of litter
and ancient rocks
that came to rest
among the human gloom

A burnt out field
sad hurdles plonked
hither and thither
amongst dirty big
where the mindless breed

A glassy autumn sun
flashes, epileptics beware
and all is forgiven
Horses all standing in the silvery
late afternoon light
gaze outwards to their left

In the corner of one eye
A small
bird perches

24th April  2012